The Womans' Self-Empowerment & Spiritual Trail

In the nurturing and powerful vortex of the ancestral feminine we guide women into a timeless paradise of beauty, culture and sharing. It is here in the waters of the Caribbean and the myriad green jungle that women historically gathered to honor their stewardship as the "Keepers of the Feminine Energies of the Earth." As the Maya woman of today opens her home, come learn of her knowledge, healing, and creativity, that which is sacred and brings laughter to the soul. We invite you to look within the Heart to face personal challenges, reach across cultures, express your individuality and build friendships. Empower yourself and others in defining the feminine vision, that in partnership with the masculine is weaving the present and future for all people.

Tour Dates (8 days and 7 nights)
Nov 1-8        $1,450 USD          Feb 7-14   $1,450 USD
Nov 29-Dec 6   $1,450              Mar 7-14   $1,450
Jan 3-10       $1,450              Apr 4-11   $1,450


The H-Mensā Herbal Path

Reclaim your birthright of herbal knowledge and spiritual oneness with the earth. After 500 years of silence, the Renaissance of teaching the hidden treasures of herbs has arrived. The door is open and into the vivid color and sound of ancient jungle settings your classroom awaits you. In friendship with the H-Mens', "the Maya healers and keepers of the sacred knowledge of the earth," we will teach and guide you in hands on recognition, gathering and preparation of culinary and medicinal herbs. You will explore virgin jungle foilage, unexcaveted ancient architecture and pristine cenotes to study both the physical and spiritual aspects of herbal knowledge and healing.

Tour Dates (8 days and 7 nights)
Nov 8-15   $1,450 USD         Feb 14-21   $1,450 USD
Dec 6-13   $1,450             Mar 14-21   $1,450
Jan 10-17  $1,450             Apr 11-18   $1,450


The Trail of Study & Exploration of Maya Glyphs

We invite you into an exciting study of the mysteries and knowledge of the advanced civilization of the Ancient Maya. Close the textbook and prepare for an unparalleled travel experience. Here the curious, the scholar, and the spiritualist come together as guests of the modern Maya. Through lecture, exploration and discussion join the search to unravel the well guarded secrets of time. Camp in jungles that shadow silent empires of vanished cultures. Sleep under the constellations that inspired the most accurate calender known on earth. We offer a forum in this treasure of nature to exchange thought and opinions with open questions and discussion, to bridge schools of thought between Europe and the US. in methods of glyph translation, and to exchange updated insights for future study.

Tour Dates (8 days and 7 nights)
Nov 15-22   $1,450 USD        Feb 21-28   $1,450 USD
Dec 13-20   $1,450            Mar 21-28   $1,450
Jan 17-24   $1,450            Apr 18-25   $1,450

Maximum of 14 guests per tour. Minimum age of 18.
Group rates are available. Please call for details:
303-503-1617 , 801-482-2956 , 612-782-9820

Early reservations are essential due to ecological and cultural sensitivity which inherently limits size and number of tours offered. A minimum 50% non-refundable tour deposit in personal check, money order, or cashiers check to ZAC-BEH Inc. The balance of the land cost is due 60 days prior to departure date, after which ZAC-BEH reserves the right to treat reservation as cancelled. In the event of sign-up 30 days or less from departure date, full land cost amount is payable at the time of booking and a $50.00 late processing fee will be assessed.

All tours include charming local hotel accommodations with double and some triple room occupancy. A single room with private bath is available for an additional cost. Jungle accommodations include comfortable camping amenities and high quality tents, all meals except alchoholic drinks not listed on the regular menu, ground transportation and activities stated in the itinerary. We strongly suggest that all guests obtain trip cancellation insurance at the time of booking. Upon receipt of the deposit and completed registration form, you will receive a list of suggested clothing and equipment and additional information which will help you prepare for your journey.

Tours are reasonably priced to allow our guests the option of bringing clothing, toiletries, toys, or other personal items to share with the Maya.


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