ZAC-BEH within the green wisdom has redefined eco-tourism! In three exciting journeys of relaxation, fun, study and cultural exchange, we guide the small group traveler to live, share and learn as welcome guests in the rich jungle villages of the Maya people. The adventurous spirit, explorer of knowledge and seeker of insights, step beyond the tourist to experience ZAC-BEH, "the brilliant path." "Where each one makes the Difference." Combining hotel and comfortable camping, you journey from the tranquil fishing village of Puerto Morelos on the turquoise Caribbean into the magical heritage of the gentle Maya. Theirs is an ancient place, timeless in the emerald slumber of 1200 years of guarded secrets "Within the Green Wisdom" of the Old Kingdom of Coba.
As our world becomes smaller, now is the time of enlightened sharing between people. As the Maya of today open their hearts, homes and heritage, they invite you to come, not as a tourist but as a friend. Join with us to bridge cultural differences and unite efforts in protecting the fragile resources of our earth.

Live your dreams!
Make your travel experience one that enriches us all.
Come study, laugh, and share.
Come walk ZAC-BEH.

We look forward to meeting you,

Janice and Goyo

ZAC-BEH within the green wisdom guides you into the deep jungle, rich with the undisturbed centuries of natural herbs, fresh water cenotes, wildlife and the mysteries of un-excavated pyramids, temples and ancient glyphs. We have created three unique, week long Eco-tour Adventures of consciousness, personal interaction and study, each perfectly framed in a fabric of time and nature you will never forget.


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