Tom R. Westlund Jr. AKA. Hitman (i.e. one who brings massive hits to IP based networks).
4747 Fair Field Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Mac and BE OS's

HTML, Java Server and Java card.

Design: Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator and others.

Java Script, Some Perl, TCP/IP.

Familiar with development of encryption and digital certificate systems.

Security Issues i.e. firewalls and authentication (biometrics and smart card).

Understands trademarkú process.  Has had two trade names issued by the U.S. PTO.

Senior Developer/Technologist: Web Tech Inc.: Nevada Corp. and Archive Group,  R&D Labs. 
Mid 1995 to Summer 1996

Developed and filed a Provisional Patent for:

"Methods and apparatus for secure wireless and apparatus based monetary and financial

transactions"  System gives a user the ability to consummate smart card based monetary

and financial transactions without the use of third party i.e. bank/financial institution.

Co-developed a secure smart card system that enables a user to store all of their ATM,

Credit Card, Phone Card and Digital Cash info on one card.  ARCard® 

Summer 1996 to Current: Independent R&D Developer: Hardware & Software.

Started an indepentant research and development Labratory/think tank called 23 Labs
( an IT labratory)
Currently developing/managing a number of in house start-up companies and projects.

All are related to Tom's future plans. (located at the hitman web site)

Graduated Catholic High School, Salt Lake City, UT, cum laude da.

Furnished upon request.