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His AX

Tom R. Westlund Jr. aka. Hitman (one who brings hits to web sites)
HOME: Salt Lake City, UT via. Pleides 1111
PROFESSION: Software/Hardware Engineer/Designer, Scientist, Film and Music Producer & Musician.
HOBBY: Clubbing. Sleeping & Eating if possible.
LAST BOOKS READ: The Concious Universe.
Projects in Scientific Compulation.
Electromagnetic Propulsion Mathematics.
Montauk Project
LAST MAJOR VACATION: Guatemala (2Q 1990):
LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making $39,375,000,000 in design for Free! (International Web Design Market)
All you can do in life is make and then give it away!
WHY I DO WHAT I DO: For spite/fun.
QUOTES: "The true measure of a person is how disillusioned one's become and how big one dream's."
PROFILE: Eccentric, responsible and unafraid!
THINKS INFinite Possibilities!!!. Rides a Bike. Thinks and knows everything is FREE!!
Plays Rush Chronicles 23-7-367.
HIS Whiskey: Crown Royal, straight up. I never forget those times when I sip my Crown and smoke my Sherman natrual lights (NYC.)."

the events

independant software/hardware development, and clubbing.

also on the agenda is a business trip to New York City, where we will attend to the business of gettin' down and road triping across the USA.
salt lake departure party. bring your overshoes, it'll be messy.
tom gets into a serious amount of IP communications development and tom foolery and gets major Government contracts because of his Western Appearance.
tom begins his east coast tour; details to follow.
Lotsa Contracts, Drugs i.e. food and drinks, Soccor, Rock and Roll ... Moto-Touring!
tom dicks around at the University of San Francisco as a Communications/Technology Guru looking to score some fun new technology ideas and have some interesting conversations.
tomorama 2000! the definitive party of the millenium. will you be there?

professional + resume
RESUME: Format:

( html)
PAST EXPERIENCE: started as amateur on timex sinclair, circa 1980-81. found programming, 1992; Internet, 1993. programmed HTML through 1995. interested in smart cards, 1993-94, Java , 1996; professional career begins now & ends 2112.

Hired as Developer/Technologist @web.tech-inc.com now Archive group, mid 1995. Public company developing proprietary smart card/internet protocol products and services.

Left job because of lack of sellable stock and F.B.I.investigation. Took on part time consulting as World Wide Web exploded into national spotlight; working for multiple smaller/larger web productions doing IP design, programming & integration.

Current Project lists updated 2 daily!

here we are.
FUTURE PLANS: OpenStep/Rhapsody/Be independant software company, with services branching out into UNIX security and administrative consulting. Java contracts using IFC/JFC, when that matures.

Two Hundred and Twenty one highly focused Global/Interplanetary Organizations in Smart cards, Software, Hardware, Banking, High speed Global/Interplanetary Communications Networking Systems, Aerospace and Music/Film Production.
Music Tour starting early 2000

mission statement: best of breed, or nothing at all.

contact me if interested.

creative writing
SYNOPSIS: Like every nerd with a pen I write things.

Planned. Some started. They'll get here someday.

  • Bastille Day, a stolden story premise of an American who scores with a French heroin dealer's daughter and then gets chased around Europe. Not a comedy.
  • Lightride 99, the story of a man who goes on a magical/musical tour that expands his awareness of realities of intergalactic life.

creative music
SYNOPSIS: Like every nerd with a guitar I write songs.

CD/downloads slated for September 1998 release.

  • 3 With song line ups of Moment, Color of love, Copper Tears & Lethal dose. Songs are a fusion of Rush/Metallica/AC/DC/Police inspired with a dash of east indian electric sitar for added spice.
    A Neptunesú release.
  • Pick 3 up at either Virgin Superstores, Tower Records or the Neptunes.net web site on or about September 23, 1998.