Bastille Day First draft: July 14 1998

Fook, let my kingdom rise above these seeds of destruction!!!
Proclaimes Vin as he lights his micro tig welding torch and hits his welding shield down to begins welding some titanum rods for a micro nuclear bomb device for an underground arms manufacture in New York.

Scene pans to George (the Irish owner) who is talking on the phone giving his condolences to the widow of one of his now former salesmen who was recently killed in a hunting accident.

George hangs up

And proclaims to his partner Niels (German Guy)
"Who are we going to get to replace Marc in France to seal our deal with those
French Terrorists"

I think our fab guy Vin on the floor could pull it off.

Do you really trust him with a deal of this size? asks George

Yeah I think he has the right persona to pull it off!

Now, what the hell does that mean?

Well, he's speaks French and I heard from John in the FBI that he was busted for herion in 96!

Oh, I understand what you are talking about!

He could pick up some herion from Jon Lepoint in Paris and party those terrorists down!

Now that would seal our deal for sure baby!

intercom comes on

Vin we like to have a chat with you at your convenience.

Vin, says to Josh a RastaMan assembling some bomb components and Rajesh a Indian Physicist programming a HERF gun.
Now what do these yahoo's want!

Sceen pans to office

Now Vin how much are we paying you to work manufacturing for us?

What like last week ?
Well you gave me one of those FREE CASH global bank cards with a $52,000
digital cash balance.
You also gave me those franklins you got from the recent Russian MOB nuke deal.
I don't know how many were in the case though, I don't like Treasury notes.
so I gave them to my brother!

Well anyway we would like to offer you a new job in sales.
We have a deal under negotiation with some French people for three micro nuclear bombs and one of our new ultra high energy radio freqency guns.
If we could entice you!
We would like to offer you fifteen percent commision payed in digital currency to seal the deal for us.

Vin: I need half down.
George: I don't know about that, what do you think Niels
Niels: So you require $1.65 down and $1.65 on delivery, what balls you have.
Vin: why thank you Niels with that comment I need all of it up front!
Niels: Done!
Vin: so when do we party in frac'e
George: tommarrow at six I will load a card with the cache and meet you at
6:28 with a fresh batch of crossants and french blend coffee to celebrate your new position in our group.
Vin: Brillant, See you then (says until then in French!)
Vin: gets up and leaves.

vin comes across josh and Rajesh when he is leaving and asks josh If he would like to join him for a couple cafe latte's and play some pool? Didn't ask Rajesh because he knew he had to go home to his family
Josh accepts and asks what time
Vin replies, 7.23 at CBGB's or tavern on the green which ever has a pool table...???
next scene At CBGB's
The two meet simutanously at CBGB's
vin says: I love synchronicity
Josh: no doubt.
Speed metalers or yuppies are fighting at the pool table and leave right when josh and vin enter pool area!
Josh: wooo wild
vin: roache for break on nine ball baby
Vin wins
vin breaks and sincs the nine on break.
josh: this is outacontrol man, I don't know if I can handle anymore of this sychronous fun.
vin: no fear.
josh: very cool vin love you bro!
vin: good, now I can ask you If are up for a french vacation tommarow.
josh: Can I bring my naomi ( his girlfriend)
vin: of course, but don't you need to as her first...
josh: no she is outta work right now.!!
josh: remember the last time we were in monoco gambling on chocotate mescaline, bro that was classic.
vin: I can't beleve how much money you won at le palace.
josh: I was peyote powered !!!
vin: make it so
josh: pulls out his sherman natural lights box and pulls out a capsule of chocolate mescaline and pours it onto the top of vince's cafe latte
vin: oh a special cafe chocolatte! how aprepoe.
josh: enjoy
vin: by the way when we get back we will both be out of work.
josh: cool those guys are outa sinc anyway.

next scene

vin: says to himself I'm glad I had that special chocolatte otherwise I wouldn't of made it on time!
George shows up right on time with the goods.
vin as george shows up looks at his watch and says
George you are always on exact time~!
george: why thank you very much my good frenchman.
the two go in and sit down
george: hands vin a folder with all of the relevant info!
vin opens the folder and pulls the cache card out of the stelve and proclaims
much fun to be had with this.
george real serious like says: if you fook this thing up I will restrain you and shove cards down your through until you expire!!
vin: I understand
george: good, your the man!
vin: george thank you for this opportunity as he eats a crossant with one bite.
george says as vin is leaving viva le france
vin viva
as vin is exiting he places a piece of plastic explosives with a timed detonator set for 10:30 on an oxygen tank and whispers to himself at exit I hope these boys go without pain?
Vin waves to Niels as he speeds off on a triumph speed triple to Rajesh's house to drop off a cash card and tells him to not go to work.
Rajesh answers door and is suprised to see vin. What are you doing here asks Rajesh in a thick Indian accent?
Vin: Well we are having some restructuring happening at the plant and are going to have to lay you off, I was directed by George to offer you this cash card as severence. It contains a half a million dollars in digital currentcy (more than Rajesh has made in his entire life)
Rajesh: astonished bows in blessing and says may your path be pink.
Vin: bewildered leaves to go to Josh's house.

at josh's house
vin knocks on josh's door, josh answers looking like he just woke up smoking a joint in a cigarentte holder of jade green, with the music the harder they come the harder they fall one and all blasting
josh: vin the man the myth..
vin: gives josh a big hug.
vin: bro are we in for a ride...!!.
josh: that is what we need! Life has become to complacent.
vin: we need to have a limo pick us up at 10:20
josh: yells to naomi who is in the kitchen cooking up some scrambled tofu.
Naomi when you get a second could you call Jay and have him send a limo to be here at 10:25
naomi: why of course my sweety..
josh: vin you hungary
vin: naomi what smells so good!!
naomi: scrambled tofu with massive garlic and onions
vin: oh baby my favorite talk about sexual energy aplenty
naomi: salencia
vin: I hope I find a girl friend when we get to France it has been years!
they sit down to eat
naomi: asks vin if they can go to the louve it is so inspiring she says!
vin: anything you desire naomi baby
naomi: sighs
next seen
josh and naomi are just finished dressing and come out of their room
Limo has just arrived
they all pile in
vin asks driver if he can take 13th street.
driver: why it takes fifteen minutes longer.
vin: I feel it a more exciting route
driver: what ever you say man!
driver: you guys wreach of garlic .
naomi: garlic is so good for you though
driver: what ever as he rolls up the divider.
vin pulls out a pack of certs extra strength and proceeds to dispense three each
after every one has placed them in there mouths vin proclaims
i must tell you that these are special certs
josh and naomi: what
vin I gave you certs from the lsd laced box.
josh: good idea it will help with jet laggg
they all laugh!!
josh as they come within a block of where they work.
I'm glad that we are not going to having to work there anymore..
right as the building becomes in site it blows up.
naomi: holy shit
josh: vin
vin: laughing histericallly
driver: going crazy in the front seat...oh my god jesus christ !
naomi: vin that is going to far!
josh: naomi they were spun
naomi: what do you mean
josh: they were psycho's
naomi: you guys rock and gives josh a sigh and holds his hand.
They board a Virgin atlantic flight
land in Paris
order a limo really high on acid by this time