Because of the special heating characteristics of the Garnet Blocks you will find that you have more control over the soldering process. The Garnet Blocks change temperature very slowly and they reflect heat so all the heat from your torch will go directly into the silver. Not only will this heat up the silver faster but it will lessen the chance of the silver becoming burnt (fire scale). Your Garnet Soldering Block can also be carved and cut to hold odd shapes and pieces in place while soldering. It can then be resurfaced and used again. You will need the pieces you wish to solder, snips of solder or wire cut to 1/8" pieces or paste solder, silver brazing flux, a torch, tweezers, and pickling solutions.

Step One

Design, shape and clean the silver pieces you want to solder.

Step Two

Lay out the pieces to be soldered on your Garnet Soldering Block. If you are using paste solder, then apply it to the seams to be soldered and move on to Step Three. Otherwise, brush flux on all surfaces to be soldered. Flux snips of solder and place them along the seam to be soldered. Flux will help the solder to flow into the seam rather than balling up.

figure 7

Step Three

Heat pieces evenly, moving the torch in a circular pattern over all soldering areas. When using paste solder, be careful not to remove the heat from the seam until the solder has flowed. When the solder has flowed into each seam, remove the heat immediately then pickle the finished piece as usual.

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