Resurfacing the Garnet Blocks

Resurfacing the Garnet Blocks is fast and easy. When you are done, your block is as good as new and ready to be used again.

Step One

Soak the Garnet Block in cold water until the rough surface is saturated. This usually takes only a minute or two.

Step Two

Take a Carborundum stone or a flexible sanding sponge and grind the rough surface with a circular motion until a paste has formed. Continue grinding until all holes are filled with this paste. Dip the Carborundum stone or sponge in water if you need more moisture in the paste.

Step Three

When the holes are filled, use a paper towel to blot the excess water from the block and smooth the surface. Note: You may use your Garnet Block immediately. However, steam may cause your hot metal to levitate and move erratically around the block. This is no cause for alarm and with time the block will dry out enough to be more useful.

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