Project #2: A Silver Cast Replica Pendant

J.B. has a tip you might like to know before beginning a project using his Jeweler's Cast. He has recently discovered that by adjusting the tip size on the torch to the size of the cast he is working with, he can speed up the time needed to heat a piece of silver. The bigger the cast, the bigger the tip size. This has given J.B. greater control over his projects.

Preparing the Cast

Mix the Garnet Jeweler's Cast powder with a little water until it resembles a thick paste. With this paste, spread and form a patty onto your Garnet Soldering Block. Press the patty with a spatula to smooth and compact it, then allow it to sit until it reaches the evaporated state.

Lay out the pieces of metal in the Jewelers Cast.
Put them in the arrangement you desire.

Designing the Cast

When the patty is no longer wet and sticky, arrange small pieces of scrap metal or wire into a design you desire for your necklace and imbed it into the cast leaving its surface level with the surface of the patty. In the picture above, we simply placed a few snips of bent wire and a small silver bead into the cast. Now you will have to leave your creation for a while until it reaches the final dry state and is ready to be used.

The fused piece, just out of the cast.
Sometimes the piece will crack or deform, causing interesting results.
The mold may also break, which usually means it's good cast.

Fusing the Design to the Pendant

Prepare a piece of plate big enough to cover your design. When it is ready, place it over your design and heat it with the torch. Remember, a larger tip on your torch may give you more control and quicker results. Watch the edges of your plate. When you see them begin to ball up, remove the heat and press with a Garnet Casting Block. When the plate has successfully fused to your design, lift carefully with tweezers and pickle as usual. Do not be discouraged if everything does not go as you planned, sometimes a crack or foible has a surprisingly good result. Some of our best pieces were mistakes! When satisfied, solder a jump ring to the piece using the same procedure as in project I. Your piece is now ready to be finished and polished. Add a leather cord and you have a unique and beautiful necklace you made yourself!

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