J.B. Bown
Special thanks to J.B. Bown for his invention,
Mary Anne Bown for her great photography,
and to Lois Atheling for providing a starting point and support.

This book has been long overdue. Ten years ago, my mother, Lois, put a lot of effort into writing and designing a brochure that has since lasted as our only form of instruction outside of Gem Shows. Ever since the first introduction of the Garnet Block Products people have clamored for an instruction book or video. "Do the products come with instructions?", we are often asked. It has been in the back of our minds for all this time to document all of the information, tips, and new ideas that we have collected over the years. We have finally just begun the process.
Our greatest source of new uses and ideas has been from our customers and we welcome anyone reading this, who has suggestions, to write us at BownCo. We plan on coming out with a new edition in the near future. We are also working on producing a video starring J.B. doing what he does best - demonstrating how to use his products!
Wil Bown

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