Getting Started

Here is a list of materials, supplies, and tools used in this book. Most of them can be purchased in hardware or craft stores. However, the best sources are rock shops, jewelry supply stores, and catalog suppliers. These places have jewelry making tools and equipment, silver and other metals, finished and unfinished gemstones, and supplies. Being a rockhound, you may already be familiar with these places. Many of them advertise in rock hobby magazines, such as Rock and Gem ( c/o Miller Magazines, Inc., 4880 Market St., Ventura, CA 93003). We have found Rio Grande Albuquerque (1-800-545-6566) and Bourget Bros. Jewelers Tools
(310-450-6556) to be the most comprehensive sources for our needs. Give them a call to order a catalog. Most of the items listed below are vital to the process. The others are supplies that we have had the best results with. We recommend the finishing supplies for creating jewelry with a sandcast and antique look. You may even want to do some experimenting with some of your own tools. Who knows what you can come up with!

Required equipment

Some example carving tools
and stamps that we have used.

Equipment required for surface casting

Equipment required for soldering

J.B.'s personal choice of tools.
(from top-left: Sanding Sponge, flux, wiresnips, awl, brass brush,
metal hammer, metal spatula, and brass tongs on bottom right)

Special supplies for projects

Recommended equipment for finishing projects

A complete worktable (torch not shown)

Let's Get Started...

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