Fusing will join pieces of metal without requiring solder. You can fuse raised shaped for borders and inlay thin flat sheets, dimensional shapes and wire. Fusing wire has been a problem in the past due to the amount of silver surface exposed to the heat. This problem is now minimized with the unique heat distribution of the Garnet Blocks. You will need your Garnet Soldering Block, a torch, and of course, the usual pickling solutions.

Step One

Design, shape and clean all silver pieces to be fused.

Step Two

Arrange all shapes and pieces to be fused on your Garnet Soldering Block in the position you will want them fused. The pieces must touch where you want them joined. We have found that it is easiest to fuse no more than three or four pieces of your design at a time.

figure 8

Step Three

Heat the pieces evenly by moving the torch constantly over all metal pieces. Watch carefully because small pieces will reach the molten stage sooner than large pieces. You will recognize the fusing stage by the molten or liquid appearance of both surfaces being fused. The surface will appear shiny. You will see the two sides of the seam merge into each other. Remove the heat quickly when the fusing stage is reached. Overheating will cause your design to collapse.

Step Four

Pickle the piece as usual. It is ready to be finished.

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